About us

urbanika – the fresh sight on the city deals with the aspects of city, tries to understand them

and find its qualities. It also aims to share found qualities with the public. Therefore we would

like to search, reveal and show the unexpected opportunities of public areas. Our work helps

to recreate the city/town as such – not only physically in real exteriors but also mentally in the

minds of people.


A Nonprofit organization urbanika was established because we had felt the need to create a

community to promote and bring architecture, urbanism, modern art and other forms of cultural

life closer to the wide public.


urbanika aims to rouse an interest of people in their surrounding as well as to teach them how

to understand, develop and take care of their urban areas.


We would like to focus on reactivation of social exchange and creation of conditions for

effective communication with social administration representatives. It is necessary to look for the

city and public areas potential and identity and communicate these issues.


urbanika expects to reach its goals by applying the communication models in public space

(exhibitions, presentations, seminars, workshops, events, projects, discussions, publications).


We are a community of young people susceptible to the society and its needs. Our professions

vary from architects to real estate professionals and media producers and we would like to

use our experience and creativity for the sake of public wealth. We do realize that environment

protection concerns all of us moreover it creates a man and society’s values.

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S projekt

Podujatie Nočné objavovanie Prešova – Premeny vody podporilo mesto Prešov sumou 2310 Eur v rámci dotácie v oblasti kultúry za rok 2022.



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