Matej Ochotnický, Ing. arch. / director


    Founder and a helping hand concerning financing and production. Architect.





    Ladislav Šandor, Mgr. / auditor


    Founder and executive officer with main job experience in business and non-profit sector.

    Specializes in realities.




    Rudolf Kozlai, Dipl.-Ing. / head of managing board


    Founder and driving force with experiences from Prag, Graz, Soul and Lisbon. Architect.

    Doctorate thesis at CTU Prag.




    Silvia PotkányováIng. arch. / member of managing board


    Founder and assistent with projects, marketing, presentation in media. Architect.




    Pavol MészárosIng. arch. / member of managing board 


    Architect, artist and a creative force. Doctorate thesis at TU Košice.




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